To Have Bieber Fever or Not, That is the Question?

bieber1I just had to see what all this hoot’n n holler’n was about over Justin Bieber.  It all started in August when I was down in Santa Monica looking for a place to live. I decided to stop in to Baja Fresh and grab a bite. When I first looked around, everything seemed to be normal but as I got into line things changed fast. I noticed everyone looking and smiling in my direction as some people even took pictures. Here I thought everyone was excited to see me! As my eyes wandered off the menu and focused on what was in front of me, though, I found out exactly what was going on and…it wasn’t me after all. Justin Bieber was ordering Baja Fresh with his mom. I have always been big on music. I was a DJ in college and still got the trunk knocking to this day. I very much enjoy movies about musicians so I have been interested in Never Say Never. From the dance moves to the story, I was impressed with what I saw. I also must say that if you can play more than one instrument and sing, than you got skills. Now that Never Say Never opens in theaters in a few days., I took fifteen minutes orBieber less to get my “Bieber Fever” quote to see if I should switch. In other words, I went to his facebook page. Well, I will say that he has twenty-something million friends and his comments get twenty thousand plus likes on facebook, but all he wants is your money. Or does he? According to TMZ, he was fighting with his mom over buying a toy helicopter, so… I don’t think he personally wants your money. He just has some very hungry people on his team who do.  I checked out and the site wants you to pay $8.99 a month (four month minimum) for access to “the VIP pages.” Unfortunately, or to some, fortunately, the only pages you can view without the VIP access is the Home, Tour, Store, and Contact page. Basically, all you can really do on this site is spend money to see Justin Bieber, so to make it easy for everyone who has kids and don’t want sticky fingers on their computer, his marketing team decided to make a movie.

How thoughtful of them since he isn’t touring the U.S. anytime soon!

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