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The VIP List, Big Bear Style

VIP_RopesI found a little three bedroom house surrounded by Christmas trees and mountains. It’s old and rickety with a brick fireplace and a lot of character. Never before have I owned a house. Let me re-phrase…never before have I rented my own house. Yes, it’s just a rental. But, I am a city girl from L.A. and that means that unless you are Angelina or Mrs. Wife of a Plastic Surgeon, you are renting, baby! And it ain’t going to be a house, that’s for damn sure.

So, here I am. In my house…With my new boyfriend….(there’s a little scandal to this story but I’ll save it for another time), and no clue how to live the country life. Nor, do I know why the trash man skips my little house and leaves my trash piling up at the end of my driveway for a third week in a row now. I think that’s where I’ll take my daily blog about my life out of my comfort zone (Los Angeles) and in Big Bear today.

Let’s talk trash.

Did you know that you have to be on a list to get trash pick up at your rental?

I didn’t. Not a clue. I mean, I know to get into Hollywood’s hotspots “the list” is a necessary given. Everyone knows that. But, for some trash guy? Come on. Who knew that the Big Bear disposal co. had the elite privilege to choose who had the luxury of pick-up and who didn’t….Not me.

Needless to say, I learned the hard way after double bagging, triple bagging, leaving sweet notes, and one week I even left out a small gift bag of gummy bears and lollipops. Nothing. My trash went ignored. Until…I called and had some lady ask; “Did you put your name on the list, Stupid?”

“You mean Justin Timberlake’s VIP, gold card, trash pick-up list?” I replied, laughing. “Nah, I’ll just use the regular guy.”


“The list is for Jose!” She said.

Jose is the trash guy. And I realized he has clout in Big Bear?!*!&%!

And I finally got put on the list.

And yesterday, my trash got picked up. That is, after Jose (I presume) pounded on my door and lectured me about “trash weight” and having too much trash….He said something about breaking his back? I just smiled and promised it would never happen again. Whatever.

This is my new life…Good God!

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