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The Blind Side

A football movie starring Sandra Bullock? Ummmm, no.  I saw the trailer, and was even less convinced, especially when I saw her run onto the field and give coaching tips to one of the players. I can envision Sandra Bullock driving a bus with a bomb on it (Cans…they were just cans!) but I find it hard to picture her in a sport’s movie.

THE BLIND SIDEWell, I was wrong. Her latest endeavor, The Blind Side, didn’t just surprise me, it actually made me tear up a little (if I was a hard-ass, I’d just say I thought it was sick). Based on the true story of current Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle, the story-line manages to grab you emotionally without pushing too hard. The narrative does most of the work, as the true- to-life story unfolds and the characters evolve through the discoveries taught from other teammates. Yes, it comes in a tad long, and some of the football sequences are over-the-top, yet it still manages to keep you engaged throughout the entire film. We begin to delve deeper into the character’s lives as we compare them to our own.

Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), is virtually homeless, and finds himself in a new school district. Oher is spotted on the street by Leigh Ann Touhy (Sandra Bullock) and taken to their home for the night. What becomes a one night refuge, grows into a new member of the family. He is faced with a new set of challenges, playing a game he’s never played before, burdened by his low academic scores. As the family helps Michael realize his full potential, the Touhy’s make some self-discoveries of their own. Sometimes the definition of family is as boundless as our own potential, especially when we choose to broaden our horizons and care more for someone else, than we do ourselves.nOhur1.jpg

Bring a handkerchief, take a date, invite the family, The Blind Side isn’t profound, but it certainly is everything it’s promised to be. It demonstrates the importance in protecting those who would otherwise be helpless, by giving them the chances we take for granted. Always combat whatever challenge comes your way, and turn a blind eye towards those blocking you from your achievements. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone who always has your back; the most noble way is getting someone else’s first.

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