Ok, I’m sick as a dog today. I can’t think, and all I’m able to do is write lists of things…so here’s my post-Thanksgiving “Overrated/Underrated List.” There will be more lists to come soon as a favorite thing of mine, now that the end of the year is upon us, is all of the “best of” lists. I’ll be doing my own version of those, so stay tuned. For now…

Saying “I’m Sorry” when you fuck up – George Bush just did this. He’s sorry that the economy is in the toilet. Gee, thanks (eyeroll).
Cheap gas prices – What’s the diff when everything else is expensive???
Robots (non-violent) – No one likes a puss robot.
The original “Halloween – watched it last night. Not scary at all.
Britney’s Comeback – Good for her that she’s able to even HAVE a comeback, but it’s just another dance-centric, pop-tarded, uninspired CD. We have enough of those.
The Big Three Automakers – Buicks, Chryslers…really? Can you think of anyone under the age of 65 who drives these cars? Wait, why did their businesses fail??

MSNBC – Lockup Raw? I Survived?? Caught On Camera?????? (splooge)
Christmas Movies – Scrooged = A single tear drop down my face.
Robots (violent) – ‘Nuff said.
Cheaters – How is this show only on at 1AM on Saturday night? If it was on Monday at 9PM, who wouldn’t watch it? Also, is this show the Deep Throat of reality tv? Or would that be Blind Date? Or neither?
Ford Focus – I sound sooooo lame, but I have one and have not had ONE THING go wrong with it in 3 years of driving it.
The New Kanye Album – “Ohhh, it’s him singing through an Autotune! Ohhhh, that’s terrible!” Ya know what, I didn’t want to like it, but the “Miami Vice”-esque sound of the 808 Synthesizer and the Autotune are growing on me.
A Few Links from the “No Sh!t, Sherlock!” Category:

This article tells us that teens lie, cheat, and steal at an alarming rate:

This article tells us that Bush believes he was unprepared for war and that he regrets selling us on the “Saddam has WMDs” trip:


And I’ll end with a link from the “Great, Another Crutch Excuse For People To Use” category: