Hey everyone, haven’t done THIS ONE in awhile – a list of things that are overrated and underrated.  I’m interested in what you think about this, too, so leave a comment underneath…and have a great weekend!

– it’s just not a fun website anymore, especially with all these other copycat websites that get dirt just as easily.
Brad Pitt’s performance in “Benjamin Button” – how the heck did this performance get nominated for an Oscar?  All he did was smile and drive his motorcycle around.
The Stimulus Package – If I hear about this thing one more time, I’m gonna throw up. The thing is, no one has ANY idea if it’s going to help or not…and I can’t help but think that the Repubs are fighting it simply to give the new guy “the business.”  Oh yeah, I’ll stimulate YOUR package!!!  Wait…
Nancy Pelosi – every time she opens her mouth, I want to gargle drano.
Christian Bale’s hissyfit – Yeah, it’s a douche move, but who knows what lead up to this point. This guy may have deserved a chewing out, ya never know!
Michael Phelps’ taking bong hits – the binger heard ‘round the world…remember the good ol’ days when famous people would get busted doing this and they would come out with lines like, “I didn’t inhale!” Seriously though, enough already.

Rain in L.A.
– while it clogs the highways, it cleans EVERYTHING off.
The television show “I Survived” – SUCH a simple show and it’s just riveting. I implore everyone to check it out on Biography Channel.
Any show on History Channel – Recently they’ve been re-running, “The Presidents.” It’s nerd paradise.
Stumbleupon.com – It’s totally a random website search…literally. It’s a lot of and a great way to waste time.
Tuna Melts – Love them…101 Café in Hollywood has the best, followed by Broadway Deli in Santa Monica on the Promenade.
Sleeping – Love sleeping…it’s the new “blow.”
Jolly Ranchers – Best. Candy. Ever.
Any music by Ghostface Killah – Ah. Still love this guy. His rhymes literally don’t make any sense. He’ll rap about his sneakers, baked ziti, meditating, and robbing crack dealers, all to a 70s soul track. Unmatched.
Peace and Quiet – VERY underrated, especially living in a city where there’s not a lot of quiet to be had.

Slumdog Millionaire – Went to see expecting to half-like, half-hate it… and it completely blew me away. It’s the most depressing feel good movie I’ve ever seen, if that makes ANY sense.
Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” – So I downloaded this one, again, not expecting to like it AT ALL, maybe even be annoyed by it… and it’s absolutely amazing. His rhymes are genius, a lyrical freak, and the music? Let’s put it this way, it seems like every song is a completely different style of rap (reggae, club bangers, old school beats, hard gangsta beats, R&B, etc). Just an eclectic album. It’s really a rap fan’s rap album and I’m actually kind of surprised it’s sold this many copies.
The Onion.com – Checked it out after not having had it in some time and this is the headline: “Man Always Attempts To Intercept Tossed Things”…God bless The Onion!
NBA All Star Weekend – Next weekend we get the Slam Dunk Contest, The 3 Point Contest, The All-Star Game, and the newly added “Horse” game. By the way, who’s the genius that decided that all of this should be on Valentine’s Day? Is there ANY guy in America who is in a relationship who will be watching this? Thanks NBA, you guys are geniuses. Plus it’s not like Valentine’s Day changes every year, like the date of Thanksgiving. It’s ALWAYS on 2/14.

That’s enough complaining from me for one week!