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Hollywood Writer to Big Bear Fire Chaser

fireimageOnce upon a time, I was running photo shoots and on camera interviews with hot famous actors. Today, however, I’m in ongoing feuds with my garbage man who still passes my house despite being on “the list.” I am using my creative writing skills to send my property manager emails with (over-the-top legal references) in hopes that she’ll finally send out the plumber to fix my clogged drain, and yesterday, I watched a fire nearby my house. Enthusiastically. Isn’t that sick? What can I say…I’m starving for something. That is precisely why my guy (an old promoter from Vegas, also deprived of any dramatic life flare-ups) convinced me to jump into our car and go “see what’s going on.”

Brilliant idea! In our pajamas, coffee breath, teeth and hair “unbrushed,” we headed towards the fire. It never dawned on us that the fire trucks, police and media right up our street may be a sign that if we leave, we won’t easily get back…Clueless, we are off into the smokey sunset. And after a drive down the fire-threatening road, our interest dissipates and we turn around and head back. Hitting a blocked off road now, I have to pee. Bad! And when I mentioned we were in pajamas, what I mean (for me) is…a long t-shirt and knee high pokadot red and bright orange socks. The end result: An embarrassing run into a nearby restaurant where I didn’t dare make eye-contact as people stared at the mental case (me) running into the bathroom.

OK, so there you have it. Our first dramatic morning gone bad.

Luckily, the police road block only lasted a half hour. But, with our plot to park the car, take back roads into the deep woods and sneak past all the commotion (knowing very well we might potentially get arrested), luckily…the bright orange cones preventing us from going home were gone when we returned from the restaurant (we’ll never go to again).

It was over!

And back home we went without police chases, plots executed, nothing

The remainder of the day was spent watching bad re-run 90’s flicks on regular television, and feeling restless, bored, and a little discontent.

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