Fall Down, Go Boom!!!

On the heels of yesterday’s Superbowl, (or as police departments across America know it “National Domestic Violence Day”) I was originally going to do a “Best Of” list of the Superbowl commercials. However, I looked online late last night, and there were already thousands of those same kinds of lists. So, instead of doing a “Best of/Worst of” list, I’m just going give you a few of my favorites.

Before I do that though, one thing I have noticed is a running theme in this year’s commercials: physical comedy. I’ve never seen such a glut of slapstick during a football game, that didn’t involve football. One the basic tenets of comedy is that “people falling down are funny.” That, and farting. I’m not kidding. I mean, I grew up in Weymouth, MA. We weren’t exactly raised with delicate sensibilities. 75% of my childhood was probably spent laughing at people falling down and hurting themselves, or farts. Funny story… when I was in 2nd grade we had a student assembly and someone brought in a robot. But it was not like a cool, futuristic-looking robot. It was a 1983 version of what a robot might look like (i.e. pretty cheesy). Anyway, they were presenting the robot to about 200 of us. We were all sitting on the gymnasium floor, I was sitting next to Mike Grafton. The presenter asked us all to “hush” while we waited for the robot to say something…and then I farted. Loud. I farted at the absolute perfect moment. It was dead silent and everyone was listening intently. It was best laugh I’ve EVER gotten in my life. I’m not a performer or anything, but I hope to get a laugh like that again someday. The point is: people falling down = funny…and we all need a little something to laugh at right about now.

Budweiser – Guy Flying Out Of Office Window- This one was good-not-great: timely, funny, and someone falls from like 3 stories. I’m in.

Castrol/Grease Monkeys – This year’s “Monkeys Doing People Stuff” commercial. Always a sure winner.

Doritos/Guy Throwing Snow Globe Into Vending Machine – People throwing stuff and breaking things always makes me smile. I’m always amazed at who buys ads on Superbowl Sunday. I mean, Doritos? It just seems like a random-ass company to go spend $100,000/minute on commercials.

Bud Light/Skier – Not my absolute FAVORITE, but another example of the slapstick climate this year.

PepsiMax/I’m Good – This one is easily my favorite. Though, I don’t exactly know what PepsiMax is, nor am I that curious. Also, when I asked a few friends if they’d remembered what this commercial was for, no one had any idea.

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