Every Day With Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt Every Day PhotoFumbling with my recorder, trying to sit in a way where my jeans didn’t press too tightly against my growing baby bump, I admittedly was a little nervous. Sitting opposite me was Helen Hunt. As Acted By’s Frederick Loback nudged me to begin, Hunt said jokingly, “I had my baby three and a half weeks early, get your act together.”

Funny, talented, adventuresome and smart…that’s how I would describe her from a first impression. She is also beautiful, easy-going and down to earth. And in her latest movie Every Day, she plays a mom, a wife, and the daughter of a man she doesn’t like. She is the rock that made her dysfunctional family, well…function. While her husband Ned (played by Liev Schreiber) secretly headed off into the illusion of a sunset with his young, flirty co-worker, Hunt’s character Jeannie found herself begrudgingly welcoming her sick father (played by Brian Dennehy) into her home…a dad she saw as a foreigner…someone she doesn’t understand. And that was the relationship Hunt said she chose to focus on – mending her character’s relationship with him.

“But what about the rest?” I asked. “What about her husband cheating?”

Hunt replied, “The marriage was going to work or it wasn’t. He was going to do whatever he wanted and my character couldn’t control that. All she could control was finding a way to love her dad at the end of his life without expecting anything in return.”

Sidenote: I can’t relate. I’d be obsessively focused on my cheating husband, in hopes that fixing his behavior would somehow fix my relationship with my dad, which clearly shows the difference in maturity between Hunt and me.

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