Before the Oscar Nom: Jennifer Lawrence

Ash Gupta, AB magazine

Jennifer Lawrence is in a special position. Not only does she have a strong body of work under her belt, but she has the power to decide which project she wants to tackle next. Lawrence’s success is refreshing to see in an industry where so many young artists are grasping at anything thrown their way. So, what is it that Jennifer finds appealing when she looks at a script?

“I love teeth,” said Lawrence. “I love dirt.”

Sure. Why not? There are your gooey, sentimental stories, and then there are the true, sometimes harsh movies that show us reality like we’ve never seen it before. Lawrence has been acting for roughly five years now, and already her career seems to be pointing in the direction of the latter.

“I look at my career in the grand scheme,” Lawrence said. “I can see myself getting more versatile…but right now I just seem to be interested in the movies that are serious.”

Speaking to Lawrence, it is very apparent that she is wise beyond her nineteen years. Most people working in Lawrence’s age group are seeing scripts for characters that are named after handbags. Lawrence, however, is captivating audiences with roles that intrigue us due to the character’s strong maturity, mixed with an endearing innocence inherent with her age.

“I’ve have played roles that have been motherly in The Burning Plain and in The Poker House…but it’s funny you’d mention that (maturity) because my friends who know me would make fun of you for saying that,” stated Lawrence.`

The proof, though, is in the pudding. In her most recent film, The Burning Plain

Jennifer Lawrence plays Mariana, a sixteen-year-old girl faced with the daunting task of keeping her fragmented family together. The film weaves us through her conflicts, as the audience shares in her discoveries along the way. While Lawrence seems to be the funny and laidback nineteen-year-old that she says her friends know her as, Lawrence’s character roles prove that she can pull off the “dirty” roles she’s seeks.

I sat down with the star of The Burning Plain and the upcoming release, Winter’s Bone for a video interview on life in the film world, and on her process as an actress.

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