Who’s Got Skins?

skins-casting-2It all started New Years Day when I sat on the couch and watched nine hours of Jersey Shore. I had never seen a full episode of the Shore and since they were in Miami where I had once lived, I was hooked (well…for the day at least). That’s when I started seeing the commercials for Skins. I couldn’t figure out how MTV was showing teenagers, partying. So now that I was caught up on what “DTF,” “Juiced Guido Gorillas,” “GTL,” “MVP,” “Grenades,” and of course “Tee Shirt Time” meant, I had planned to watch the new season of Jersey Shore regularly. You can call it luck or product placement but the long anticipated premier of Skins happened to be after the premier of Jersey Shore, “Back to the Shore.” And yes, I was going to be one of the five million who watched. Sex, drugs, and well…not only rock-n-roll but high school is the swagger of Skins. The first episode was extremely intense. There was no holding back on MTV’s part. We learned what kind of drugs teenagers want, where to get them, how much they cost, and of course some slang like “A Zip,” “I Got A Q”, and “Please tell me we are not retarded and someone has Skins.” That was just the start of how life these days “actually “ are in high school. After class, we all know that it’s time to play and these days, boys plays with girls, boys play with boys, and girls play with girls. (Note to readers: By play we mean hook-up.) Now, it’s time to crash a party, get a virgin laid, overdose on pills, sneak your sister into the house while your parents are up, and of course, steel an SUV, but not necessarily in that order. Now that I’m an expectant father, I will admit that I can understand why there is such a stir, “about this new show onSkins photo MTV called Skins.” And to be honest with you, that didn’t stop me from watching the second episode of Skins, so as Jay-Z best puts it, On to the Next One. Episode one gave us an overview of how things work for “america’s youth.” The second episode of Skins was more character-driven. Or shall I say, there was a lot more one-on-one, girl on girl action from a Junior to her Grandma. Not to mention, foul language, the kidnapping of a school visitor, and some mob ties. If you haven’t already started watching Skins and you are ready for more, check out your local listings for times. Or just check in with us and we will keep you posted, episode per episode coverage right here on Acted By!

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