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For Precious Girls Everywhere: Part One

precioususethisIt was a movie I’ve anticipated seeing ever since the release date. Precious is about a girl who is raped, beaten and humiliated behind the closed doors that separate her from the sunshine ‘outside.’ She is in the dark and imprisoned there with only an active imagination that enables an escape route.

She is me.

She is a lot of us. And she is the drive behind this new column about women…women in film. Women in art. Women who express themselves creatively. Women who are unafraid to be…

I remember my first introduction to an escape from that dark dreadful place we call despair. It was in Elizabeth Wurtzel’s 1997 book she brilliantly titled, Prozac Nation. It was the rawest account of depression, desperation, and drop-out-of-normal-life story I ever read. It boldly left behind the majority and spoke to the minority of us…the girls like me.

It saved my life.

And the more films/books/artwork I see that reveal the drowned woman who can’t go on anymore and would rather sink to the bottom then fight for air, the more I feel hopeful that change is coming. It’s the artists who inspire me. The women artists who not only point at the elephant in the room but shout out, “There it is; there’s the elephant!!! There! RIGHT THERE!!!”

Through their shrieks, we are forced to see.

And in the end, with her insides shredded, Precious asked, “Why me?”

That’s what I want to explore tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading this column. It will be a seven day a week thing.

Hollywood Woman, a daily column celebrating women in film begins with a five part series about sexual abuse as seen in the movie, Precious. This is the first edition.

To be continued…

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